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Whether it's your first time or a regular visit, you can rest assured that Max Care will take care of you. We offer door-to-door service, which means our staff will assist you from your residence all the way to check-in at your destination. This includes ambulatory or wheelchair assistance.

Concierge Service

We understand the variety of needs our customers may possess and we work to the max to show we care. In order to accommodate the needs of our customers we ask for a 24 to 48 hour advanced notice.

We can transport you to:

- Doctor and post-op appointments

- Dialysis centers

- Physical therapy & other rehabilitative services

- Chemotherapy

- Family gatherings 

- Shopping or personal errands

- Weddings or funerals

And more...

Rates and Payment
Credit Card Purchase

Our rates begin with standard pick-up fees plus mileage for each trip. We accept multiple methods of payment, including all major credit cards or cash. Our rates increase for after hours, weekends, and holidays. Please call us to receive a quote. 

We offer wheelchair transportation and ambulatory medical transportation. Call us to get your quote for your next medical appointment!

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